Resume and Exhibition Record
Matt D. Rhoades
Address: 9200 Everett Court, Elk Grove, Ca. 95624 Phone: (916) 708-7716

Masters Degree in Studio Art, 1982 California State University Sacramento

Bachelors Degree in Art; 1978, California State University Sacramento

Associates of Arts Degree; 1976, Diablo Valley College, Pleasant Hill, Ca.

Resume Notes: In addition to my personal exhibition record, I’ve had artwork selected for inclusion in numerous television programs and movies. These programs include The Big C, How I met your Mother, Suburgatory, Weeds, Two Broke Girls, Scandal, The Kominsky Method, and many more television series and movies.

In my resume there are also mention of large-scale public art installations purchased by the State of California or local companies and corporations. I can furnish images of these pieces that I designed and managed the production if requested.

Personal Exhibition Record

One-person exhibitions

2016 Modesto Community College Gallery; Modesto, Ca.

2014 Grand Theatre of the Arts; Tracy, Ca.

2011 Montana Artist Refuge; Basin, Montana. In conjunction with an artist in residency award.

2011 Chico Art Center; Chico, Ca.
2008 University of Southern Oregon, Stevenson Union Gallery; Ashland, Oregon 2006 Winters Center for the Arts; Winters, Ca.

Two person exhibitions
2018 E Street Gallery; Sacramento, Ca.
2012 Sacramento Temporary Contemporary Gallery; Sacramento, Ca.
2010 Stanford University Art Spaces; Palo Alto, Ca.
2000 SMUD Gallery; Sacramento, Ca.
1983 Djurevic Gallery; Sacramento, Ca.

Group Exhibitions and awards

2022 Elk Grove Fine Art Center, “Abstractly Speaking”, Elk Grove, Ca. 2021 Arts Benicia Gallery, “Scores” Benicia, Ca.

2021 Los Laguna Art Gallery, “Painterly”, Laguna Beach, Ca.

2018 ARC Gallery Group exhibition; San Francisco, Ca.

2013 E Street Studio and Gallery; Sacramento, Ca.

2012 E Street Studio and Gallery; Sacramento, Ca.

2010 Large Works Exhibition; Roseville Ca. Best of Show award

2009-2013 Numerous group exhibitions at E Street Gallery; Sacramento, Ca.

2008 Blue line Gallery, Group Exhibition; Roseville, Ca.

2007 Ragdale Foundation award; Chicago, Ill.

2000 Marysville Fine Arts Center; Marysville, Ca. Jury Award

2000 SMUD Gallery Art Exhibition; Sacramento, Ca.

2000 California Bold Expressions International Exhibition, Sacramento Fine Arts Center; Sacramento, Ca.

2000 California Exhibition Center, California State Fair; Sacramento, Ca.

1998 California Exhibition Center, California State Fair; Sacramento, Ca. Jury Award

1998 California International Exhibition, Sacramento Fine Arts Center; Sacramento, Ca.

1998 Solano County Regional Art Exhibition; Fairfield, Ca.

1998 Lodi Community Art Center, Annual art show; Lodi, Ca.

1998 Nelson Art Gallery, Group Exhibition; Davis, Ca.

1998 Sacramento State 50th Anniversary Exhibition; Sacramento, Ca

1998 Intel Corporation Exhibition, Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission. 1988 Djuriveck Gallery, Group exhibition; Sacramento Ca.

1987 Open Ring Gallery; Sacramento Ca.

Commission Work (Partial list)
2008 Department of Human Services designed and supervised production of site-specific pieces for the Justice Café.

2006 Department of Consumer Affairs designed and supervised production of site- specific pieces for the Consumer Affairs Café.

2006 Department of Rehabilitation, California Bistro, designed and supervised production of site-specific pieces for the California Bistro Café.

2005 State Department of Justice, Sacramento, Ca. Supervised production of artwork depicting gold mining in California using recycled materials.

2005 Department of Food and Agriculture. I designed the concept, supervised production and installation of site-specific 2 and 3 d work using recycled materials.

2005 In Alliance Project, I designed and supervised the design of site specific work which included ceramic murals, hand made paper pieces, and acrylic paintings.

2005 California Secretary of State, supervised production of an individual site- specific art piece from materials which included coffee beans, aluminum, old maps, and fabrics.

2005 “What We Say” Directed and produced a video supported by a Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission grant featuring the talents, thoughts, dreams, and issues important to people with developmental disabilities.

2005 The Department of Rehabilitations. Work included a 55 ft mural and artwork utilizing trains and depots as imagery

2004 Cal Trans Environmental Art Installation. Supervised design and production of various artworks. Made from recycled materials with a tropical theme.

2004 Franchise Tax Board, I supervised art instillation of a large project using recycled materials with fish and fishing as a theme.

2003 Department of California, Environmental Protection Agency, supervised design and production of a 23’ ceramic mural, 5 large fish out of recycled materials, 2 large paper pieces, a large flock of starlings made out of aluminum. 

I was born in Oakland California and raised in Concord California. I attended Mt Diablo High school and Diablo Valley Jr. College before moving to Sacramento to attend Sacramento State College graduating with a Masters degree in 1982. In 1986 I co-founded Southside Art Center, a program for people with developmental disabilities. I retired in 2018 and throughout all this, I continued to create art, which is crucial to my understanding of life.​

About Matt Rhoades

The following is a recent review by art historian Richard Serros, PhD (Art Historian & Gallery Director):

Matt Rhoades works directly on his paintings without reference to direct observation or printed imagery and does not develop his compositions through a series of drawing studies. Instead, he depends on life’s memories that reveal themselves though the process of directly applying the paint and adjusting the composition through the development of layers. Though the objective elements in most of the works have been simplified, bits and pieces of objectivity ground them in real world. Simplification is balanced with a complexity of layering effects, varied paint application, contrasting color harmonies and the inclusion of actual sculptural elements on a few of the works, enhancing their three-dimensional depth. Patterns are developed from geometric and biomorphic shapes as well as calligraphic gestures. Paint has been applied in heavy impasto layers with the brush, palate knife and at times straight out of the tube. Sometimes the paint was modeled with multi-toothed tools, the edge of a cup, or pressed with a textured surface and enhanced with string, skewers and other solid objects. These formal qualities contribute to a well-balanced sense of the artist’s persistently acute perception and imagination. Recollections of direct observation, dreams and flights of fantasy blend into suggestive relationships giving this group of paintings the sense of a continuing story of interpretation and reflection. They collectively present a truly idiosyncratic development of an integral language of form and mark making with a strong but harmonious push and pull of color contrasts. It is our hope that you will take time to view the works slowly and let the imagery play in your mind where it can ignite your own imagination and creative spirit.

Artist Statement:

I view my artwork in evolutionary terms, in which I follow the progression of my creativity to fulfill my artistic vision. This process begins with establishing a connection, or dialogue, with the painting. Therefore, I don’t do preliminary drawings or studies to determine the imagery; instead I let the colors, patterns, and shapes in the painting come through organically.  

​The concepts that emerge are sometimes linked to something I have observed in various cultures or through a connection with nature. I create patterns and colors that help fill space with variation or surface tensions. Then, I work at balancing tensions in colors, composition, shapes, and patterns while making headway toward completion. My most recent work chronicles my reflection on human emotions, music, pianos, life, and the confronting nature of art.